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This review is only about its China visa service that I used. I have not used their US domestic bus tour services and I probably don’t intend to in the future. One of my Chinese friends referred me to them, since he got a Chinese visa from them, and my family also turned to them once for flight deals to Hong Kong and got a decent deal.

For $170 (including the $140 US citizen fee for any tourist visa to China), Jetta Tours can help you get a tourist visa to China as long as you have the documentation and all the necessary forms for your application to be processed (passport, application, photos, contact/hotel reservation information, etc.). You have to pay in either cash or check because if you pay by credit card, they will charge an extra fee. You can pay for it when you turn in your application or after you receive your visa. They will give you a receipt though as long as you ask for it. Since there is no Chinese consulate in Boston, and the nearest is in New York City, this is more convenient than traveling all the way to New York City and possibly dealing with long queues and other hassles.

Michelle Wu, the travel agent who took care of my visa arrangements, was really nice. She speaks Cantonese Chinese, but is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English. Since the tourist visa fee is fixed for all Chinese tourist visas for US citizens, I applied for a Multiple-Entry Visa for 12 months because it is the same price as a Single Entry Visa. She advised me that although I marked “Multiple-Entry for 12 Months” on my visa application, she said to me that the New York Consulate will only grant me a Double-Entry Visa for 6 Months since I was a first-time visitor to Mainland China. She said that the Consulate will grant me a Multiple-Entry for 12 Months if I apply for a visa again after my trip, now that I have been to Mainland China. She was right, and I did get a Double Entry Visa for 6 Months, but I was glad I got my visa without any problems. Now that I have been to China before, I hope to get a Multiple Entry Visa for 12 Months if I apply again.

I will probably turn to Michelle Wu and Jetta Tours again if I plan on applying for another Chinese tourist visa.